Sherford Community Trust

Grant Support

Funded by residents’ annual contributions, the Trust has set up a Grant support scheme which residents of Sherford can use to apply for support of between £50 and £1000. Special projects that do not meet the criteria can be proposed and will be considered, but the Trust will not undertake to cover running costs or similar long-term funding commitments. Nor will it make retrospective refunds for costs already paid by others without prior agreement. Grant funding applications will be considered by Directors at their Board meetings. If approved and notified by the Trust then grants will be refunded against receipts.

For successful application for a grant the idea or project should:

  • Benefit residents generally with wide community support (ie not just one person benefits);
  • Show how it meets one or more of the Trust’s objectives, especially sustainability;
  • Show commitment from the residents in cash or kind.

The Trust Grant Form can be accessed here and will be emailed to the Trust directors.

The deadlines for grant applications prior to each month's Community Land Trust meetings are set out below:

6th July for 20th July meeting

17th August for 31st August meeting

7th September for 21st September meeting

5th October for 19th October meeting

2nd November for 16th November meeting

7th December for 21st December meeting

Please find attached a list of grant applications to date with associated information:

Grant applications schedule